Welcome to the myGeoSource Claims Help Center

You can count on us when disaster strikes.

GeoVera Advantage Insurance Services, Inc., manages all claims for the GeoVera Holdings, Inc. group of companies listed below.

It is our goal to make the claim experience as stress-free as possible for our customers. Our experienced claims professionals are specialists in property and liability insurance, and they are dedicated to providing industry-leading service.

If you would like to speak to a representative to report your new claim(s), please contact your company using one of the phone numbers listed. Your call to report a new claim will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may also call your agent to report a claim.

    Homeowners & Landlords
  • Coastal Select Insurance Company: (877) 642-1815
  • GeoVera Specialty Insurance Company (for surplus lines policies): (800) 631-6478
    Residential Earthquake
  • GeoVera Insurance Company: (800) 859-8734
  • GeoVera Advantage Insurance Services, Inc.: (800) 735-8086
  • Coastal Select Insurance Company: (877) 642-1815 (Formerly known as Pacific Select Property Insurance Company)
    Residential Windstorm Hurricane (Hawaii)
  • GeoVera Insurance Company: (877) 448-5806
  • Coastal Select Insurance Company: (877) 642-1815 (Formerly known as Pacific Select Property Insurance Company)
  • GeoVera Advantage Insurance Services, Inc.: (855) 559-6555 ("Select Option 2" to file a claim)
    Mailing Address
  • GeoVera Advantage Insurance Services, Inc.
    P.O. Box 2957
    Fairfield, CA 94533

More Help

Immediate steps you can take
  • Take steps to protect yourself and your family.
  • Promptly submit your claim by reporting the loss details via this website or by calling your agent or insurance company.
  • Protect the property from further damage.
  • Keep accurate records of all expenses such as temporary repairs and additional living expenses.
  • Itemize the damaged or stolen property including the manufacturer, brand name, age, place of purchase and purchase price.
  • Report burglary/theft claims to the appropriate authorities so there is a police report on file.
What to Expect Once a Claim is Submitted
  • The claim will be assigned to a GeoVera Advantage Insurance Services claims professional.
  • The GeoVera Advantage Insurance Services claims professional will make initial contact with the policyholder within one business day to review the claim details.
    • During the initial contact the claims professional will discuss the following with the policyholder:
      • Confirm the facts of the loss and gather additional information
      • Review the applicable policy coverages, limits and deductibles
      • Determine the need for a field inspection and assign a field adjuster if needed
      • Explain the claim handling process including information about the field adjuster if one has been assigned
      • Explain how to protect the property from further damage
      • Outline any additional information or documentation necessary to resolve the claim
  • If the claim has been assigned to a field adjuster the field adjuster will contact the policyholder directly to set up an appointment to conduct the inspection.
Investigation, Estimation and Evaluation of Damages
  • The GeoVera Advantage claims professional will gather all the pertinent information necessary to evaluate the claim. This includes receipts, photos, repair estimates and the field adjuster’s report if one has been assigned.
  • The claims professional will evaluate the claim based on the damages, policy coverage and deductibles.
  • If necessary the claims professional will contact the appropriate parties to obtain any additional information needed to evaluate the damages.
Claim Resolution
  • After the claims professional has completed their evaluation, the policyholder will be contacted to review the damage evaluation and applicable policy coverage in order to resolve the claim.